Marmot Earlylight 2P – Gear Review

It seems like when looking for a two person semi-lightweight tent that wont break the bank, there are dozens of options. Marmot, Kelty, MSR, Black Diamond, Sierra Designs, Mountain Hardware and a slew of others have virtually the same tent. They all have roughly 30 square feet of floor space and at least one roomy vestibule for gear storage. But what makes these tents different from others on the market?
I spent a lot of time trying to decide which of the dozens of tents to purchase and use. I settled on the Marmot Earlylight 2P tent for several reasons. Marmot really hit the nail on the head with this tent. The thing I am loving about tents today are the DAC Featherlight poles. Having aluminum poles instead of cheap fiberglass poles is so nice. They are small, and very light.

Marmot also did an amazing job at making the setup of the tent super easy. They have made the corners of the tent specific to the corners of the rain fly so you know it’s going on correctly. Speaking of the rain fly itself, it’s really nice. Having the option to open the vents on the fly for increased ventilation when it’s warm is a huge plus. 

One of my favorite things about this tent is the dual vestibules and doors. Having the two doors is awesome for when you are your hiking partner need to get in and out of the tent. There is also a ton of room in the vestibules to store your pack and keep things out of the rain that you don’t want inside the tent.

Another thing I love about Marmot is that they included the footprint with the tent. This is a huge bonus for anyone that hates looking for a footprint and grinning at the price that can be associated with a footprint.

Staying dry and comfortable in the backcountry is essential in the enjoyment of a trip. This tent is strong, roomy, and so simple that it will help make your weekend backpacking trip fun and enjoyable. 
Expect to pay between $200 and $250 for this awesome tent.
Buy this tent from
Marmot Earlylight Tent with Footprint and Gear Loft: 2-Person 3-Season Pale Pumpkin/Terra Cotta, One Size Marmot Earlylight Tent with Footprint and Gear Loft: 2-Person 3-Season Pale Pumpkin/Terra Cotta, One Size
You venture into the wilderness in search of simplicity, and the three-season Marmot Earlylight 2-Person Tent provides you with an easy-to-use, effective shelter that can adapt to your various backpacking pursuits. The storm-proof fly and floor keep you and a partner sheltered from summer squalls. The included footprint becomes the tent floor when you go for the lightweight Bare Bones Setup.

My Marmot Earlylight 2P Tent at Fehr lake in the Uinta Mountains. 

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