Mont-bell Thermawrap – Gear Review

Of all of the outerwear that I have owned over the years, the Mont-bell Thermawrap has been my absolute favorite piece of outerwear i’ve owned to date. It is a synthetic fill insulated jacket that is also super lightweight. It’s also one of the warmest jackets i’ve ever owned. I have never been cold when I have layered with a simple base layer and then this jacket over top. I’ve owned my Thermawrap for 6 years and it still keeps me warm on the coldest days. 
If you haven’t owned any piece of outerwear from Mont-bell, you really ought to look into getting a jacket of some kind from them. Mont-bell prices are incredibly reasonable, as the Thermawrap will only set you back $175. I love Mont-bell gear because of the slimmer fit that the outerwear has. The only thing I wish the Thermawrap had was a couple more pockets. I like to ski with this jacket and wish that I had a place to put my wallet, keys, and other items other than the two pockets for your hands. 

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