Psicobloc Master Series – Psicocomp Park City, Utah

The last two months have been an interesting two months at work. Having visits from Chris Sharma at Momentum a few times as he and others planned for the Psicocomp. Momentum was a title sponsor of the Psicobloc Deep Water Soloing competition held at the Olympic Park Ariel Pool in Park City. Walltopia built a 50′ tall wall that towered over the pool, and had routes of 5.13+ set on them for the comp.
Some of the worlds best climbers competed in the comp and helped make the Psicocomp an amazing experience. Chris Sharma, Joe Kidner, Dave Graham, Carlo Traversi, Tommy Caldwell, Emily Harrington, Sasha DiGiulian, JC Hunter, Alex Johnson, and many others were all competitors.
I unfortunately did not get the opportunity to go to the competition, as I was out of town on a family vacation in Wyoming. But It was a total success and was the first of its kind in the US. 
Enjoy this video taken by one of Momentum’s own employees. 

One thought on “Psicobloc Master Series – Psicocomp Park City, Utah

  1. Psicobloc is a great sport for people who like climbing to participate in. It seems that with deep water soloing there are so many good venues to explore and test your abilities. People who compete in psicobloc combine speed, endurance and other skills. I think it's a challenging and rewarding sport.

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