Kelty Trail Ridge 4 – Gear Review

I can’t think of a better time than the Summer to share all about the gear that I am currently using, and love to use. As seen in the post below, I recently spent a week in Wyoming, camping with my family. And of course, we slept in a tent. Our tent of choice for car camping the past few years has been the Kelty Trail Ridge 4.
This tent is such a good sized tent for the classic car camping family. It easily will sleep 3 people very comfy. Four people might be a stretch on this tent, especially with gear being stored inside the tent. We use a double sized air mattress in the tent when we are camping. There is plenty of room for bags and even room for you to put down a blanket for the dog. 
My favorite things about this tent are:
1: SO EASY TO SET UP! The tent has 4 poles, and it’s so simple to roll out and put up. Two of the poles are used to help pull the rain fly out away from the mesh walls of the tent. 
2: Rain fly goes all the way to the ground. This is a huge deal for me when I am camping. When it rains, it is so nice to know that the entire tent is protected from the rain. 
3: Huge vestibules for gear storage. Pretty self explanatory. 
4: Storage pockets and overall floor space of the tent.
5: Poles are lightweight, but incredibly strong and well built. It’s really nice to know that you don’t have to worry about a pole breaking over a little bit of wind. Cough cough… fiberglass poles… cough cough 
What I don’t like:
I’ve owned a couple Kelty tents over the years, and my biggest gripe with Kelty is that the ground stakes they provide for their tents are horrible. They always bend and become useless. Invest in some better stakes after buying this tent. The footprint for the tent is not included, I wish it was. 
For the simple campers, and car campers especially, Kelty makes some of the best tents, at a reasonable price. 
My Trail Ridge 4 being put to good use


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