The Greys River

As long as I can remember, my family has been spending a week of our Summer each year in the mountains of Star Valley, Wyoming. We go up there to get away from the busy schedules of life, spend a week on the river fishing and enjoying the beauty of the area. This place holds more personal meaning to me, than I think I could ever really explain. 
The Greys River flows into the Snake River and then into Palisades Reservoir in Alpine, Wyoming. My next door neighbor grew up in Star Valley, and spent a lot of time fishing the Greys as a child. It is because of him that my family and their family have spent year after year up there together. Some of my best memories lie in the weeks spent around the fire, wading the river, building things with logs, and so much more. 
I have spent so much of my time at the Greys, that I know the road far to well and know what is located at each of the mile markers. I have been fortunate enough to marry into a family that shares the same love of the area as I do. My wife and I returned from a week at Greys last weekend. Two weeks ago, I sat in my father in law’s shop as we studied a map of the area and made plans of where we would camp and plans for the trip. 
So let me back up a little, and share about when my wife and I were first dating. Her family has been going to the Greys for several years as well. Katie’s dad has been going up there 25 years with his childhood best friend. They discovered the area while up in the area for a baseball tournament. Katie and I were talking one night and the conversation led to a picture I had posted on my Facebook of a lake called Lake Barstow. Barstow is easily one of the most beautiful mountain lakes that I’ve ever seen. The setting is really hard to beat. We discovered in the conversation that for many years, her family and my family have camped next to each other the same week many times. It is very likely that we at some point crossed paths while in the area. All this, years before we met and married each other. 
It’s hard for me to explain how much I love this place. I told Katie a while ago that she can cremate me when I die and if so, I would want to have my ashes spread into the river. Anyway, enjoy these photos of our trip last week. 
 Murphy Lake
 Moose Flat – We had 4 Wheeler trouble all day
 Getting towed back to camp by Mike

 Floating the River

 A really neat warming hut for winter recreators 


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