Giveaway! Win an 18 oz Hydro Flask Insulated Bottle!

The outdoors are my passion, and being a gear head is part of that passion. Hydro Flask has a product that has become one of my absolute favorites. So enter to win one for yourself! I hope to be doing giveaways on occasion on some of my favorite pieces of gear. Enter now, and win one of these awesome bottles for yourself!

10 thoughts on “Giveaway! Win an 18 oz Hydro Flask Insulated Bottle!

  1. I'm really into my Granite Gear Crown V.C. 60. It's my pack that weighs in at under 2 LBS. with an inflatable frame! It's pretty gnarly. My favorite place I've backpacked is definitely up in the Amethyst Basin in the High Uintas. I like the Uintas but don't LOVE anywhere so far except there. You gotta check it out if you haven't Dev.

  2. I would love to try one of these flasks. I do not go anywhere without my black ops Nalgene Bottle all 1500 ml yes a bit heavy but it has all my sponsor stickers all over it. everyone knowsd …..oh ya thats DIP's bottle. 🙂 Good luck to all who enter.

  3. Acadia National Park is by far my most favorite place to camp out and hike so far. Beautiful and technical climbs with gorgeous views. I love the mixture between ponds, mountains, and ocean. You can cycle, climb, hike, camp, fly in airplanes, see lighthouses, fish, and so much more. Wonderful place. Go there someday.

  4. Favorite piece of gear has to be my Spyderco Assist Knife. I never leave home without it, and it has been on ever outdoor activity I have participated in. Hiking, backpacking, snowshoeing, climbing. I even take it trail running. Originally I purchased it for use on SAR but it quickly became an EDC item and invaluable in many situations.

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