Bells Canyon – Hiking in Beautiful Utah – Places To Go!

The last week of August I started the busiest semester of my undergrad studies so far. 19 credits of classes has literally been the thorn in my butt, but has been awesome in so many ways. Last week was our Fall break, and I happened to have one day off from work to my disposal. So, I called some friends and we went for a hike in the rain and cold up Bells Canyon. 
Bells Canyon is incredibly beautiful and is one unique place. The canyon sits one canyon to the south of the famous Little Cottonwood Canyon. Part of what makes this canyon so amazing is that it is foot traffic only, and the trail carves through some amazing landscape. Hiking Bells Canyon is honestly not an easy task. The trail get steeper and steeper the higher you get into the canyon. At some points the trail is very strenuous and at some points feels like class 3 hiking. 
Last Thursday the weather was rainy and cold. I honestly enjoy being in the rain, and the cold gives me reason to wear all my new gear. I wanted to hike up the canyon as far as we could before Jeff had to head back for work. We hiked up to the first falls of the canyon, and then kept hiking up to what we thought to be the second falls. We made good time and it was honestly one of the funnest days of hiking i’ve had in a really long time. Hiking down the rain got heavier and the rain started to run down my soaked pants into my boots, making my gators completely useless. It’s not the funnest to have wet feet in waterproof boots. 
Here are a couple screen shots from Google Earth of Bells. 

Jeff, Clark and I left early in the morning, with not much of an itinerary of how far we were going to hike, or what the destination was. That plan turned into an incredibly enjoyable hike. Bells canyon and all of the canyons below Lone Peak are just beautiful. Bells Canyon gets its name from the granite bell towers that are found up the canyon. But the awesome thing about the hike was the very low visibility from the clouds. It was awesome hiking in the fog. We hiked up to what we thought would be the second falls, but wasn’t much of a water fall, just big granite boulders in the stream bed. We decided to go down into the stream bed and that turned into a fight with slippery boulder hopping. I was standing on a boulder, and shifted my feet a little and found myself sliding down the boulder. I know this may not be my best writing. I just wanted to share my love for this area and the pictures from an amazing morning of hiking.


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