Jack – Video Wednesday

Today kicks off a new weekly series i’ll be doing here on Backcountry Exposure. The outdoor industry has seen a huge change in how climbing, skiing, rafting, and other outdoor sports are filmed and shared. There are always awesome short videos being released, that feature amazing athletes doing really cool things. On the other side are films that really show the life of a person, and have a more personal feeling. Today’s video is just that. 
I found this film from a Tweet that Patagonia posted the other day. It features a 93-Year old legend named Jack, as the films description says, that lives in a cabin he built in the Ventana Wilderness. He lives a minimalistic life and I just love how it shows how content he is living where he does. 
What are your thoughts on living in a minimalistic way? As outdoor enthusiast I think we all tend to find ourselves on the spectrum of a desire to unplug and get away. But with technology ruling the world, how far is to far? How do we unplug from the busyness of the world, but still stay connected to what is important? Jack says that he way of life is not necessarily the right way to be living, but it works for him. I really like that mentality. He found what works for him and that is all he needs. I think that we all find what works for us eventually, and from there life goes on. Enjoy this short video about this man who is living life to the fullest at 93 years old. 

JACK from Grace Jackson on Vimeo.


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