Gnarly Nutrition – Product Review – Go Gnarly!

“We are runners, rock climbers, swimmers, mountaineers, skier, gym rats, cyclists, and crossfitters. In short, we’re doers, not talkers. We make sure Gnarly is something we can use. Gnarly means real nutrition. No excuses.”
As a climber and a person who works hard to stay fit for climbing and backcountry adventures, good nutrition is vital. I’ll be honest, I enjoy my McDonald’s run and enjoy a nice greasy burger, who doesn’t. But when it comes to taking care of your body, using protein and other nutritional aids, getting something that is real and full of quality ingredients is crucial to recovering and staying fit. I love Gnarly Whey, and their other products. 
We are all familiar with the big name brands of whey and nutritional aids. But why do you need to buy a tub of protein that virtually takes fork lift to get off the shelf. Full of ingredients that are fillers, and artificial stuff that you can’t pronounce, it can’t possibly be that good for you. Gnarly Whey comes from New Zealand grass fed dairy, simply the best! 
I’ve been using Gnarly for several months now. After a long hard climbing session, and after working out. This week I started the Insanity Program, and using Gnarly has been the best thing for recovery that i’ve used yet. For those of you that have done the Insanity program know how hard it is, and how demanding it is on your body each day. Gnarly has been the key to my post workout nutrition and recovery. Lets talk about taste too. What protein have you used that you can mix in water and it doesn’t clump, and tastes good? Gnarly mixes amazingly well in water, and actually tastes good! With two flavors, the vanilla is perfect for mixing in water, and the chocolate is perfect for mixing into your favorite shake. 
The whey is not the only product from Gnarly. The Gnarly Pump is an amazing product that gets you going before you begin your workout. Leave the goo behind and use the Pump to get hydrated and ready for your workout. Love the stuff!
Just go check out Gnarly Nutrition, and get some for yourself! It’s simply the best nutritional supplements on the market! Gnarly Nutrition Website


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