Winter Hiking – Desolation Trail – Millcreek Canyon Utah

I’ve realized some things as of late, and that is, there are so many things to do in the outdoors that are right in my backyard. Utah’s mountains provide endless opportunities to get into the backcountry with very little travel time. I am sure throughout the states that the same is there if you look for it. I do feel like we are spoiled a little here in the Beehive state. 
Last week I took an opportunity to join my good friend, Greg, for a morning hike in Millcreek Canyon. I had actually never hiked on any of the trails that are found in the canyon. Desolation trail is a popular trail and allows for some neat loop hiking. We hiked up Thayne’s Canyon with the dogs and enjoyed an hour or so in the dark before the sun came up.
Those morning hours are some of my favorite times of the day. They do not happen often enough because we find ourselves cozy and warm in bed, but this was a beautiful morning. There was snow forecasted for late morning and as we pulled into the parking lot, snow was flurrying. The calmness of the air was something that cannot be experienced if you were not there. Those quite moments are rare and they ought to be enjoyed. As the sun started to rise, the colors that came over the landscape were absolutely beautiful! Purples and blues covered the area around and it again was one of those moments of pure solitude. 
I love being outside in the backcountry. I love being in the snow and enjoying the beauty of it in the backcountry. Getting outside doesn’t have to be a hard thing. It doesn’t have to stop when the snow flies, and snow doesn’t mean that you have to ski. I threw on some Microspikes and took to the mountain. 
Desolation Trail is an incredible trail that is 5 minutes up Millcreek Canyon from east Salt Lake City. Being surrounded by pines and a fresh blanket of snow was hard to beat as I hiked with Greg. The dogs running through the snow and having a great time made the 5am alarm with the 30 seconds of regret worth every second of beauty that the two of us enjoyed. We saw no other people on the trail, and for the brief moment we were alone to bask in nature and the beauty of it.  


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