Im Back – New Direction Though…

It’s been over a year since I spent any time on this blog. It’s something that I dropped from my daily activity for various reasons. I don’t really want to get in to that. I want to keep writing about what I am passionate about, but the direction and purpose of my posts are going to be more personal, more of a journal I guess you could say. I want to document my outdoor adventures and talk about gear.

I have this crazy obsession with outdoor gear. I still want to use this an outlet for reviewing gear, so that people searching the internet may find my reviews and find some valuable use of the information that I write down.

I mostly stepped away from how I was running the Backcountry Exposure blog a year ago because it was not giving me the return that I thought I wanted from it. It was a difficult project to stay motivated with. I just got bored, and it was too much. Now I find myself with new hobbies focused around the outdoors and most recently my passion for firearms. I want to be able to share all of what I love here, and not feel like I have to have any reservations on what kind of feedback I might get. I’ll share what I want to share.

My goals now revolve around just writing when I am excited about writing, and sharing what I think could be valuable information for people searching the webs.


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