Nemo Nocturne 30 Sleeping Bag Review – Spoon Shaped Love!

I have spent several nights using this bag before I decided to do a review of it. Well… it’s a bag that will not disappoint. Nemo has added some amazing features to the traditional mummy bag style that makes this bag non-traditional.

Top 3 Most Important Features:

– Spoon Shape: We all know that having room to move around in your sleep is important to making your night of sleep more comfortable. Well the spoon shape achieves that need. With added space around your knees and elbows, side sleeping is amazing!

– Baffled Blanket/Comforter: This is my favorite feature! The ability to have some comfort from home in your sleeping bag. Pull the baffled blanket up around your neck and tuck yourself in for a night of cosy sleeping.

– Pillow Pocket: I know it saves weight, but lets be real here guys, no one likes to sleep on their clothes and try to find a comfortable hole in your hiking shorts and jacket to act as a pillow. Just stop it! The pillow pocket allows you to put a backpacking pillow in the hood of the bag, and it stays there! No more sliding off the pad, no more having to unzip half way through the night to fix your “pillow”. I love to sleep on my side, and the hood is big enough that I can tuck my hand up in the hood on the pillow and sleep more comfortable.

This bag is filled with 700 Down Fill with a dry treatment in the footbed of the bag. It comes in at 2 pounds, which is nice for a sleeping bag of this size.


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