Glacier National Park – Trip of a lifetime!

Bucket list… That’s really all I can say about Glacier National Park. June 2015 my wife and I set off on a 5 day trip from Salt Lake City to Glacier. We invited some close friends of ours, packed up the Jeep and headed north. After many months of planning and waiting we were finally on our way!

Glacier is amazing! It’s probably one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. Everywhere you look you see amazing peaks, beautiful lakes and wildlife. This is a place that everyone needs to visit.

We spent the first two days on the East side of the park and the rest of the trip on the West side. We tried to see as much as we could in the short time we had, but there’s no way to see all of the park in one week.

Day 1: After 12 hours of driving we finally made it to Saint Mary, Montana. What a beautiful place! Very small town with a few restaurants and the perfect setting for the beginning of our trip. We spent the first two nights in the Saint Mary campground which was really nice.

Day 2: We spent most of the day around the Many Glacier area of the park. After some driving around we hit the trail towards Red Rock Falls. Not a big waterfall by any means, but an absolutely beautiful place! After a nap and walking around we made the hike back to the car and drove to the Going to the Sun Road. We made our way up the road towards Logan Pass. As we got closer, it started to storm, and it got colder and more rainy. We loved it though.

Day 3: We packed up our things and loaded the Jeep and headed towards the Two Medicine area of the park. After a fantastic breakfast at Luna’s in East Glacier Village, we made our way towards the entrance of the park. We noticed a few cars stopped in the road, and when we got it them, we saw what was causing the jam…a bear! I had never seen a bear before, but what a cool thing!

Two medicine is a really neat area of the park. We thought it’d be fun to do the boat tour on the lake. So we boarded the Sinopah and had about a 45 minute tour of the lake with some historical information. I think it’s a must for this area. Lots of hiking to do here as well, but we opted out of the hiking this day, and just enjoyed a casual day.

Day 4: We moved over to the West side of the park this day and enjoyed a morning out in a row boat on Lake McDonald. Highly recommend getting out on the lake when you visit. We then drove up the road to Logan pass again and hiked the Hidden lake trail to the overlook. What an incredible view! This is a must regardless of how many people there are!

This place is amazing, and I am leaving out a lot of details here. But part of me wants people to go and experience the place themselves.


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