Little Cottonwood Canyon Bouldering – Fall 2015

There’s no doubt that Utah holds some of the best climbing in the Western United States. I mean, modern Sport Climbing was born here when Boone Speed, Jeff Pedersen, Bill Boyle and others ventured up American Fork Canyon and saw amazing potential for what became destination climbing.

In the 90’s Utah saw a huge boom of development for climbing. Maple Canyon, American Fork Canyon, Rock Canyon, Big and Little Cottonwood Canyon’s, and many other canyons we’re littered with climbers bolting routes and developing boulders. 
My first time climbing in Little Cottonwood was in the Spring of 2001. I had been climbing for only a few months, and got invited to climb with my friend Clemmens. I was only 15 years old at the time and knew I had found a passion. 
Recently I have become motivated to really start climbing more often and make it a regular activity. I’ve been working for Momentum Climbing for a few years now, and the motivation through the stress of work has limited my psych level, but it’s back and i’ve been enjoying some awesome days up the canyon with friends. 
Here’s some videos from some recent days in the canyon. 

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