Outpost Hammock Review – Wildhorn Outfitters

Here in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah we just received our first blanket of snow. It seems a little odd to be reviewing a hammock in November, but when a really awesome new product comes out, you have to share the love.

Wildhorn Outfitters Outpost 1 Hammock
I am fairly new to the whole Hammock epidemic that seems to be overruling the photo world of instagram, but when a new product comes out that changes your perspective on the product in general, you pay attention. 
Wildhorn Outfitters is a new company to me, but they are doing awesome things to improve products in the world of the outdoors. What they have done to the hammock world is, in one word, AWESOME!
After doing a bunch of research and from previous experience with other hammock companies, there’s a few things that Wildhorn has done that makes their product stand out among the others. 
– Litespeed Suspension System: Of all the research that i’ve done on other hammocks that fall into the same category, none of them have a strap system as good as what Wildhorn has done. Not only are the straps included with the hammock, but they are incredibly bomber. They use amsteel cord to attach the hammock to the tree straps. Amsteel is incredibly strong and is super light weight. The Litespeed straps are 11′ long and have a cold rolled steel cinch buckle that showed zero signs of slipping when weight was put on them. The straps also include a 12kn rated wire gate carabiner to attach the strap to a tree, post, or whatever you attach it to. This is the biggest win on this hammock. 
– Length of the Hammock: The hammock is 11′ in length, which compared to the ENO Single Nest Hammock is over a foot longer. Why is this important? Having more fabric on hammock allows you to lay flatter after setup. This just simply makes the hammock more comfortable. 
– Light Weight: The Outpost hammocks are made from 100 percent ripstop nylon. The Outpost 1 comes in at just under 3 pounds. 3 Pounds for a hammock is light enough to take backpacking and camping. 
If you’re looking for a hammock to add to your gear stash, this is the hammock to buy!
You can get yours here: Outpost 1 Hammock

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