Sea To Summit – Traveller Light Day Pack Review

If you are going to be doing what I call, destination backpacking, then having a good day pack to bring along is a necessary item. Lets say you are going to backpack several miles into an area of lakes that are within pretty close proximity to each other. You camp at one of the lakes, but you want to see the others. You are unlikely to pack up your 60 liter pack for a simple day hike. Why not take something so light and small that you almost forget you have it. 
The Sea To Summit Traveling Light Day Pack is the perfect option for a light weight, simple day pack. Weighing in at only 2.4 ounces, it takes up virtually zero space in your pack, and makes the day hikes more enjoyable. 
The good about this pack i’ve already mentioned. It’s small, light weight, and is easy to carry. It’s roughly 12 liters in capacity, so you can load a bunch of stuff in it, but be careful. The shoulder straps are nice and wide, but if you load it with more than 8 pounds of stuff, then it’s going to get a little uncomfortable. The straps have zero padding in them and they can collapse into a smaller strap when too much weight is put into the pack. Be smart and don’t carry more than you need. 
Made from high quality, ripstop, sip nylon, it’s tough, light weight, simple and the perfect addition to your backpacking system.

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