Sawyer 1 Gallon Gravity Filtration System

Sawyer 1 Gallon Gravity Filtration System

Over the years i’ve used a lot of different water filters, and in the past my go to has always been a pump style filter like the MSR Mini Works. Recently however, i’ve branched out and looked at other types of filter systems including gravity filters. Over the summer i’ve been able to get quite a bit of use from the new Sawyer 1 Gallon Gravity Filter System and can say that it has been an awesome addition to my backpacking system. I love the ability to filter large quantities of water without having to return to the water source several times. The 1 gallon bag allows for me to fill water one time when I get into camp and have enough to drink, cook and clean up.
Lets talk about weight and just general convenience of the 1 gallon system. On my scale the filter, bag, hose, and accessories comes in at just over 8 ounces. This is a fantastic weight for this type of system, and given that it weighs such a small amount means that it’s easy to carry as well. The bag folds up to a fairly small package and it’s large opening allows for the included items to be placed inside the bag for carrying convenience.
One of the things to consider about the 1 gallon system is that the handle for carrying is in a strange location. When I hang the bag from the carry handle I am unable to get the full amount of water out of the bag, so I have come up with a hack to tie a clove hitch around the large opening of the bag, which allows the bag to hang in such a way that allows the bag to fully empty. Overall this filter system is a total win in my book!



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