My name is Devin, and i’m glad you’re here!

I started Backcountry Exposure in 2014 more as an outlet for me to share my passion for the outdoors. Never did I think that after a few years I would be where I am at with it today.

Primarily Backcountry Exposure is focused on building and growing a successful YouTube Channel that has a large library of reviews and trip reports for people to enjoy and get educated from. But periodically when I am motivated to do some writing, I will share thoughts on here aswell.

Having a real passion for the outdoors and seeking moments of solitude has shaped the way I live my life. I manage Momentum Indoor Climbing in Lehi, Utah and live life to spend time in the backcountry.

Thanks for stopping by!

“Fear is an okay emotion… Real adventure is not polished…”
– Kyle Dempster



2 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Hi Cool post on Little Grand Canyon. Do you have other suggestions for short (2-3 day) backpack trips in the Hanksville or Green River areas. Driving down from Idaho in a couple weeks and don’t want to go too far south (short trip). ( Did Robbers Roost Canyon a few times and loved that one)

    1. Thank Tom! You ought to go check out some of the canyons around Cedar Mesa, which is not too far from Hanksville. I recently did Road Canyon, which I have a video of on my YouTube channel you can check out, but it was a great two night trip, and there are other great canyons you could do there as well. Bullet Wash to the Government TH would be a cool part of Grand Gulch to do.

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